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Lajerrio Review

The store offers affordable prices for wedding jewelry, engagement rings or special gifts, such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and other pieces that can be customized. The difference between other jewelry stores is the freedom to create special jewelry according to your needs, wishes and budget. Because the store focuses on customer satisfaction, the company team invests in beautiful packaging, suitable for the delivery of luxury products. The quality of the products is guaranteed both by the images used in their presentation, and by the reviews left by satisfied customers, who received the jewels at the best value for money, in a very short time, for the option of international delivery.

Useful information about Lajerrio

The prices of Lajerrio jewelry are from the beginning well below the general value of the market, and to this are added the constant discounts, organized within the store on the occasion of different events or holidays, for whole categories of products. In addition, making your purchases from this store, you get free shipping, anywhere in the world. The return policy accepts the return of the products within 30 days of receiving them. Moreover, all products have a warranty period of 1 year. The store offers a total of 3 delivery methods, as follows: 3-day delivery, standard delivery, with a waiting time of 4-8 business days, and free delivery in 9-15 days. Other delivery methods require additional delivery fees of $ 20 and $ 15, respectively.

Info about how to use a Lajerrio coupon code?

The Lajerrio coupon code can be used and validated in just a few seconds, by entering it within the purchase completion page, where you will find a box on the right side of the coupon screen. After the introduction, the reduction will be applied automatically and you will pay the final price of the product.


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